“Lord, if it’s you”

When Peter sees Jesus walking on the water, after he stops being afraid, his first instinct is to want to do it, too. (Matthew 14:25-31)

It isn’t, well, that’s Jesus. He’s always doing great things, but you know, he’s Jesus.

No. It’s, hey Jesus! Can I do that, too?

And Jesus’ response is immediate, Sure! Come on out.

Jesus doesn’t give a lesson on the difference between him and ordinary mortals. He doesn’t put Peter in his place – walking on water is for God, you silly.

No. He says, Come.

And Peter comes.

Until he can’t.

Because he suddenly realizes how impossible it is, and his faith is completely doused.

But even then, Jesus doesn’t say – Yeah, that’s why humans aren’t supposed to try to do what I do.

What He says is, “Why did you doubt?” – like Peter should be able to walk on water.

I’ll say that again:  like Peter should be able to walk on water.

Like the failure is a flaw in Peter, something wrong – not normal. It isn’t, of course you can’t walk on water.

It’s, why aren’t you still walking on water?  

Jesus and Peter have already spent a lot of time together. They live together. They travel together. They hang out all day long.

And this is the way their relationship goes. Peter thinks he should be able to do what Jesus does, and Jesus thinks so, too.

You’d almost think Jesus encourages it.

Like he actually means for us to be like him.




3 thoughts on ““Lord, if it’s you”

  1. Missed your writings. The Lord has given you a wonderful gift! Thank you for sharing and once again giving more food for thought. Blessings


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