That other blog

Years ago.

Literally. Years ago, I started a second blog called “Dancing in the story”. It was going to be a chummy, chatty sort of guide through the story of the bible which, really, is the story of Life.

It ended abruptly in December of 2015. There were good reasons, I started a new job for one. The other was that in November of 2015 my 21 year old daughter, suffering depression, overdosed.

She survived and so did I, but I’ve been a long time coming back to either of these two blogs. I just didn’t have the energy or courage for public writing.

But recently I read Gretchen Rubin’s “Better than Before”. I created a chart and gave myself a check-mark for every time I added a page to the blog and now at long last I have all of Genesis up. It’s not all published yet, but it’s there and I plan (hope?) to publish a page a day, but not on weekends.

After that, who knows?

Join me? Again?  Dancing in the Story




About Lorrie Spinney

"What is Real?" asks the Velveteen Rabbit, and the Skin Horse answers that it's what happens when a child loves you. I am real, because I've been loved by two girls. But they're grown now, and I'm not yet as real as God means me to be. So, with my pastor husband, in our tiny wilderness town of northern B.C., I am learning to let Love make me Real.
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One Response to That other blog

  1. tracykrauss says:

    I have thought of you often and wondered where you were. 🙂 My prayers are going out for you and your beautiful family!

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