That other blog

Years ago.

Literally. Years ago, I started a second blog called “Dancing in the story”. It was going to be a chummy, chatty sort of guide through the story of the bible which, really, is the story of Life.

It ended abruptly in December of 2015. There were good reasons, I started a new job for one. The other was that in November of 2015 my 21 year old daughter, suffering depression, overdosed.

She survived and so did I, but I’ve been a long time coming back to either of these two blogs. I just didn’t have the energy or courage for public writing.

But recently I read Gretchen Rubin’s “Better than Before”. I created a chart and gave myself a check-mark for every time I added a page to the blog and now at long last I have all of Genesis up. It’s not all published yet, but it’s there and I plan (hope?) to publish a page a day, but not on weekends.

After that, who knows?

Join me? Again? Dancing in the Story