Oh no, another blog


I’m doing this.

I’m telling you, my faithful readers, about a new blog that I have just started.

Well, it’s in the form of a blog, but really, I’m rolling out a book that I’ve been working at for years.

I need feedback.

The book is a kind of running commentary on the story of the bible. It’s purpose is to give company and help to people who want to read the whole bible but find it intimidating or off-putting for whatever reason.

I don’t think it needs to be intimidating or off-putting for any reason – at least, not if a person wants to read it.

So I act as a kind of tour guide. I tell you what to read in your bible, and then point out things of interest and highlight what matters to the story as a whole.

It’s by no means comprehensive and I don’t pretend to be a scholar.

I am an enthusiast.

I think that for some people, an enthusiast has a better chance of carrying them along than a scholar would. It’s for them that I write.

I’m asking you to go visit the site and if you know someone who you think would enjoy it – share the link with them.

Here’s the link: Dancing in the Story



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