What Jesus thinks

What do you think Jesus thinks about you?

It matters a lot, almost as much as what he actually thinks.

I tend to think he is always a little bit angry with me, and disappointed – so often disappointed. It’s my default idea about him: he is burdened by the mess of me.

But what if he isn’t?

What if he is delighted with me? What if he is able to see all my flaws and shortcomings, all my stupid mistakes and wasted time, and isn’t bothered by any of it?

What if he knows that I am going to turn out to be wonderful and he can already see it?

What if he knows that it will take a million mistakes for me to learn what I need to learn; and so each mistake is one off the list, moving me closer to the prize?

What if, all along, he’s been keeping count of them?

Because I matter that much to him.

Because he’s so happy and excited about my progress.

What a different perspective.

Doesn’t it change everything?

And why wouldn’t it be true?

It’s his nature to love, and love enjoys – love delights in, takes pleasure in – the beloved.

That’s me. I am the beloved.

Say it with me: I am the beloved.

He knows the future, and he knows his own ability to ‘finish what he started’ in me.

He’s not afraid. He’s not worried. He can’t be: he’s God.

He’s already dealt with my sin, and accounted for all my mistakes.

He sees me already transformed, already glorious with his glory, already radiant: beautiful, and doing beautiful things.

And he’s not just waiting for me to get there.

He goes with me.

Each stumbling step.

‘Cause he likes me.



3 thoughts on “What Jesus thinks

  1. I am the beloved. A mind-blowing and freeing truth, isn’t it? I too used to think my Father was slightly angry and always disappointed in me. This is the greatest epiphany I’ve had in recent years…I am the beloved. Well said, Lorrie! (If this is a duplicate comment, forgive me…having technical difficulties in posting here.)


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