The smallness of me

“Everyone assembled here will know that the LORD rescues His people, but NOT with sword and spear.” I Sam. 17:47

No, he uses a shepherd with a sling and a stone.

Here stands young David, neck bent back to look up at the soldiers, way up at Saul. He wears no armour, carries no sword, no spear. His skin looks like it could snag and tear on a branch. He’s got a few smooth stones and a sling and he’s going to bring down the giant whose mocking laughter scatters warriors.

And he does.

And Jonathan and his armour bearer take down a Philistine troop. And Gideon and a few men with clay jars chase off an entire army.

And Joshua walks around a wall a bunch of times, then shouts. The wall turns to dust and the city is his.

You do rescue your people, but not with sword and spear. You like to do it unconventionally. You especially like to use small things, weak things, things that shouldn’t work.

You positively delight in weakness.

Like you used the broken Israelites, wrecked by abusive slavery, to overthrow the entire Egyptian Empire – just walked them out one night leaving it shattered and wailing.

Like you used a bloodied, exhausted Jesus … a dead Jesus! … to save the whole entire world: people, animals, and earth itself.

So, my weakness?  The smallness of me?

It’s no hindrance to you.

It’s an opportunity.